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Video: Less Dreadful Scripting in OmegaT 3.1.0

Version 3.1.0 of OmegaT has seen massive improvements in the area of scripts. This video explains the most important enhancements. Saving window position and size in preferences OmegaT now keeps the Scripting window position and size in the preferences file, so that every time you open this window, you do not have to resize or […]

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How to Reduce Stress by Aggregating Questions

How does it feel when a small child incessantly asks you questions? Or when you are interrupted by another question from a colleague while working on your answer to the first one? There is an important lesson in these experiences: aggregating questions, i.e., asking several questions together rather than throwing them at another person one […]

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Looking for New Clients When You Already Have Enough Work—Unethical?

A reader, Alena, offered an interesting perspective on marketing translation services when you already have enough work. In our post, we suggested that it was strange for translators with big-name clients to look intensively for more. Alena replied that it was not a matter of having enough clients, but of ensuring that you have a […]

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How We Turned OmegaT Weaknesses into Strengths

One of the great things about the translation program OmegaT is that it fully supports other CAT (computer-aided translation) tool formats, including SDLXLIFF (SDL Trados Studio) and TXML (Wordfast Pro). This gives you the flexibility to rely on those CAT tools when OmegaT lacks a particular functionality. One example explained in this post is benefiting […]

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Three Facts About Translating Marketing Copy Effectively

Marketing translation budgets are largely wasted, because buyers do not realize that translating marketing copy is an entirely different realm from other translations. Treating such translations the same as, say, technical translations, means setting yourself up for failure. This article might help you avoid falling into this trap. Style cannot be literal. I draw on […]

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