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Training Services for Translation Professionals

Leverage our expertise to improve your translation skills.

Training is designed to help you run a more profitable translation business, whether you are a “lone ranger” or a translation agency with 50+ staff. Tap our 10+ years of hands-on experience in the translation industry to get to the top 5% in your niche.

Why would you need training?

  • The translation industry evolves rapidly, and so do the best practices. What made sense last year, let alone five years ago, may no longer be effective today. Get training to ensure a sustainable competitive edge for yourself or your company.
  • Training can save you time by increasing your personal translation productivity.

What kind of training can you get?

Training is beneficial for individual translators and translation agencies alike.

  • Improve your productivity and quality through efficient use of a CAT tool: OmegaT training will teach you how to optimize your translation profits.
  • Become a more reliable vendor with quality assurance: Take this training program to build a reputation as a dependable and consistent translator.
  • Translation memory management for smart translators: Learn how to make the most out of your TMs.
  • Preparing and finalizing files professionally: Learn to prepare files for translation so that you have less work to do down the road, as well as to finalize translated files so that they look professional—all while increasing your job satisfaction.
  • And many more. Simply tell us what skills you want to improve.

Simply working harder does not do the trick any more. If you are working hard, but ineffectively, all you do is spin your wheels, invariably missing out on opportunities for growing your translation business. Stop this unsustainable behavior by letting us help you with training or consulting. Spend a few hundred dollars today to save thousands tomorrow. Contact us for a free consulting session to learn more.