Russian Language Services

Get high-quality and fairly priced translation services backed by 13+ years of experience.

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Since the founding of Velior, translation has been our main specialization. Helping you meet your goals by being creative with language and thorough with quality is why we go to work everyday. With a smile on our faces. We translate exclusively from and into Russian. This is a conscious step towards narrowing our focus in order to produce deep and meaningful, rather than average and uninspiring translations. Stay confident about translation quality, thanks to our 13+ years of experience.

Quality assurance


You have a translation made by someone else and want a third party to make sure it is 100% correct? You need bilingual editing, also called translation revision or review. Translators don’t notice a certain percentage of errors in their own work. Having four eyes on each translation is therefore critical if you want top quality. This is a requirement of the EN 15038 translation standard. For critical subject areas, such as medical, legal, or financial translation, errors are absolutely unacceptable. You definitely want additional translation quality assurance in these cases, to have the peace of mind that patients won’t suffer or business opportunities won’t be lost as a result of translation errors.

Proofreading English text


Our Russian proofreading services help you give your translations or any other copy a final, polished character. Proofreading helps you eliminate textual and formatting blunders that may turn off your prospective customers. In case of translations, a proofreader may alert you to critical errors so that you can have your translation vendor fix them. Having a second pair of eyes check your written materials also has the added benefit of resolving any questions or concerns that you might have about these materials, but can’t resolve yourself.

Printing services


Desktop Publishing, or DTP, is a service involving our graphic designer preparing your unformatted translated or written materials for printing or publishing online. Our graphic designer takes the hassle out of preparing your unformatted translated or written materials for printing or publishing online. Don’t underestimate the importance of DTP. When a document looks terrible, it doesn’t matter how good the actual text is. There’s evidence that the visual component is often more important to readers. Put our 12+ years of DTP experience to work for you today so that you don’t make this type of mistakes.


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