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Planning right from the get-go

Imagine a team of construction workers remodeling your home. They don’t ask you about the location of electric receptacles, installing them carelessly. After they are gone, you end up with a net of extension cords that you need to reach these carelessly placed receptacles. By the same token, failing to think several steps backfires in translation. Careless attitude results in inaccurately conveyed message or poor readability. We spent years making these errors and learning to prevent them so that now you can benefit from these best practices.


We put quality first. This comes from our expertise built over 13+ years in this business and attention to detail. This combination is lethal and is actually rare to find, because old-timers tend to lose their passion gradually. But we’re different. Obviously, if you’re willing to sacrifice quality for a lower cost or a shorter turnaround, that’s fine. But we’ll tell you straight away that your deadline is incompatible with high quality. We’ll be brutally honest with you. You might not like this at first, but in the long run, you’ll appreciate it.

Russian language expertise
Quality of copy is decreasing due to negative influences from social media and messaging. People put speed of communication first and accuracy second. You don’t have to fall into this trap and be average just like everyone else. You can make it stand out by relying on a team that makes it its job to write excellent Russian.

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