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If you’re looking for a reliable Russian translation service provider, congratulations—you’ve just found it.

We’re old!

We’ve been around since 2005. And some of our team members’ve been working in the language services arena even longer than that—basically, since forever! We’ve translated millions of words into Russian and from Russian into other languages in many areas (although we do prefer to focus on a few selected ones like medical or business translations). With this kind of experience under our belt, there’s literally nothing we don’t know about Russian translation.

Strong in-house team

With the kind of knowledge, background, and experiences that our staff has, we’d dare to say our combined expertise is second to none. We’ve taken on so many language and project management challenges over the years that your task will likely be just a breeze. Take advantage of this hard-earned wisdom today.

Rigorous recruiting

As an agency, we believe one of our top priorities is making top talent available to you without having to go through all the uncertainty associated with choosing a translator yourself. With thousands of hours invested in finding, recruiting, testing, and maintaining relationships with, top-notch linguists, we’re in the best position to cater to your translation needs, freeing you from this selection process that can feel like a trip to the dentist.

Human translation

We love machine translation as much as the next guy, because it lets people do amazing things, unimaginable just a decade ago. Our goal is not to deny its advances, but to use them as a source of motivation to push ourselves to keep growing professionally. While we can’t compete with services such as Google Translate on speed or price, we can surely produce translations that are outrageously better.

Attention to detail

One advantage that truly sets us apart is leaving no t’s uncrossed and i’s undotted. While we do realize that perfectionism can sometimes be a bad thing and even have to restrain ourselves, overall, it makes a major difference in the quality of communications with clients and the work we produce. From distinguishing between a hyphen, an en-dash, and an em-dash to studying the Russian Pharmacopeia in search of existing terms instead of picking what’s suggested by a generic dictionary, we take your translations very seriously. Maybe even too seriously—be sure to tell us when we go to extremes!

Ease of communication and transparency

The project management system that we use—XTRF—makes it easy for you to initiate new assignments and receive completed translations. When you log into our customer portal, you have access to the details of the current project and all previous work done for you. The portal also makes projects transparent as you can track the progress of each project by watching how it flows from the translation step to the editing step and finally to the DTP step in real time.

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