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Russian Translation Services That Bring Results

Reach your potential Russian clients using the language they will resonate with.

Since the founding of Velior, translation has been our main specialization. Helping you meet your goals by being creative with language and thorough with quality is why we go to work everyday. With a smile on our faces.

Experience that makes a difference in results for you

We’re old! Velior has been in business since 2005.

We’ve worked with dozens of translation tools. We’ve provided Russian translation services to about thousand clients. We’ve tested hundreds of freelance translators along the way.

Now, put this experience to work for you. Save time and money that you would otherwise waste with less experienced translators.

Pool of Russian translators built with quality in mind

For most of our projects, we rely on a team of in-house linguists, with 41 combined years of experience. Their signature quality is the habit of leaving no stone unturned. It means you get accurate, thoughtfully crafted translations.

We also have a small pool of freelance translators who have proved to be reliable over time. We draw upon their expertise for projects that they’re uniquely positioned to translate. We monitor their quality in each translation, making sure it lives up to your highest standards.

With thousands of hours invested in finding, recruiting, testing, and maintaining relationships with, these top-notch linguists, we’ve done the heavy work of searching for you.

Passion for the Russian language

We translate exclusively from and into Russian. This is a conscious step towards narrowing our focus in order to produce deep and meaningful, rather than average and uninspiring translations.

These are our most frequent language combinations:

  • English to Russian
  • Russian to English
  • German to Russian
  • French to Russian

Narrow focus for well-thought-of translations

We chose to focus on a very limited number of subject matter areas.

  1. Medical translation has been our priority area for almost 10 years now.
  2. Another passion of ours is translating in the areas of business administration and IT.
  3. We’re also well-versed in translating legal and financial documents.

Concentrating like this instead of trying to provide multiple mediocre services translates into better quality for you.

“Two sets of eyes” principle for world-class quality

After the original translator completes the translation, we have it edited by an in-house editor (that is, unless you choose to cut costs). Because making errors is human nature, getting another set of eyeballs on each translation minimizes your risks.

It’s also a requirement of the translation standard EN-15038—and a very practical one at that. Knowing that your translations are always a collaborative effort makes you even more confident about their quality.

Technology that helps you cut costs and enjoy higher consistency

For each translation project, we use the translation memory (TM) tool OmegaT to bring various benefits to you:

  • Higher quality thanks to efficient translation process, exact replication of original formatting, and improved consistency across your projects in the long run;
  • Discounts for repetitions and matches with the translation memory up to 10% of the regular rate;
  • Maintaining your personal translation memory allows engaging a different translator if the main translator isn’t available and waiting isn’t an option for you;
  • Reducing turnaround time dramatically in time-sensitive projects, thanks to simultaneous work of several translators.

Automated QA for an extra touch of quality

Every translation we do undergoes automated quality assurance. This helps ensure your translations are free from errors such as omitted numbers, untranslated sentences, and inconsistent terminology, just to name a few.

In addition to the built-in QA functions of our translation program, OmegaT, we use a tool called Verifika. These programs improve the quality of translations by finding errors that are difficult for the human eye to catch.

You will particularly appreciate our efforts if you also do this kind of QA on your end, because our files come already checked and there isn’t much left to do.

Zero project management costs

For project management, we use XTRF, a system that adds value for all stakeholders:

  1. XTRF helps the entire process go smoothly, making sure you get your translation on time.
  2. XTRF enables you to confirm quotes instantaneously, track projects and payments, and access completed files quickly.
  3. Automating routine tasks helps us keep costs low so that you don’t have pay for project management, whereas other vendors might bill you for this.

Overall, XTRF serves to deliver a consistent customer experience, rather than a haphazard one.

Quality levels designed to meet your needs

We offer two quality levels tailored to meet different needs and budgets:

  • Standard: translation by a regular translator + editing by a regular translator.
  • Economy: translation by a regular translator + brief quality assurance by a regular translator. Cheap, but quality may be insufficient for important projects.

It’s the high-quality translation (Standard) that we recommend to most clients, because it’s more likely to bring you the results you need. Think of it as an investment in your future, rather than an unpleasant, but unavoidable, business expense.

Additional services for added peace of mind

Besides translation, we may also provide additional services that go hand in hand with translation. These are optional; that is, you can do them on your end if you choose to.

  • Re-creation of formatting: for uneditable source files such as scanned PDFs, we re-create the formatting from scratch in Microsoft Word files. Although this is a paid service, it actually saves money most of the time, by making it possible to use a translation memory tool advantages, including the potential for discounts.
  • DTP: we can also do desktop publishing after translation if the translated files call for it. Otherwise, we can deliver loosely formatted files for you to do DTP on your end.
  • Post-DTP proofreading: we can either proofread the files after DTP or you can do it yourself if you believe you can do it better or cheaper.

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