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Russian Proofreading: The Ultimate Touch of Quality

“In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made proofreaders.” — Mark Twain

Even though authors like Mark Twain denounced proofreaders repeatedly, there’s little doubt that proofreading is beneficial—however painful its results are for the original writer.

Our Russian proofreading services help you make sure your translations or any other copy are final and polished.

To illustrate how important this is, here is an example of a project where the client extracted the text out of an Adobe InDesign file and had us do the translation.

After that, their graphic designer put the translations back into the Indesign file.

But they forgot that in the process of preparing the text for translation, he had inserted a few machine translations as a round trip.

As a result, those meaningless translations were never replaced with our hand-crafted ones.

Good translations overwritten with machine-generated translationsLater, readers complained about incomprehensible translations. When the client asked us to see what happened, we realized that the text was full of these leftover machine-generated stuff!

Morale of the story? You need a proofreader to make sure your content is 100% ready for publishing or delivery to business partners.

If you’re still not convinced, check out these 5 valid reasons why you should hire a proofreader suggested by Candace Johnson.

Candace Johnson 5 valid reasons why you should hire a proofreaderWhen you need proofreading

    • After DTP. As translated texts expand in size, they often make a mess of the original formatting and require an additional DTP step. When this step is completed, you want to have the formatted text checked for errors that had been overlooked at the previous steps, but are glaringly obvious now.

    • After crafting copy yourself. You get another set of eyeballs to review your copy and ensure that it’s free from spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, as well as formatting problems. Content types that call for proofreading include websites, Microsoft Word files with complex formatting, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and Adobe InDesign documents.

Note that although proofreading does increase the quality of translations, it’s monolingual by definition; that is, a proofreader doesn’t check the most important aspects of translation: accuracy, consistency, and style. For that, you need bilingual editing.

How exactly you benefit from hiring a proofreader

  • Proofreading helps you eliminate textual and formatting blunders that may turn off your prospective customers.
  • In case of translations, a proofreader may alert you to critical errors so that you can have your translation vendor fix them.
  • Having a second pair of eyes check your written materials also has the added benefit of resolving any questions or concerns that you might have about these materials, but can’t resolve yourself.

What is covered by proofreading

A proofreader works to eliminate the following problems for you:

  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors;
  • Formatting problems such as incomplete or untranslated text, hyphenation, character corruption, font formatting of incorrect words, incorrect page numbers in tables of contents, or inconsistent punctuation in numbered or bullet lists.

If anything is unclear or sounds weird to the proofreader, they’ll also leave a comment.

What you provide and get back

  • A proofreader usually works on final files such as PDFs or websites. You receive notes or corrections directly in the file or in a separate report.
  • If you can provide bilingual files such as translation memories (TMX) together with the finalized translation, a proofreader will also run an automated quality assurance check. QA helps find errors that are less obvious to the human eye, so you benefit from higher quality.

Meet your proofreader

Your proofreader is Olga Yakushina who has been reviewing Russian texts professionally since 1993. After joining Velior in 2006, she has proofread over 15 million words—an equivalent of 200 books. When it comes to proofreading, she has literally been there and done that.


Olga Yakushina Velior’s proofreader portrait low res

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