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We bring you peace of mind when it comes to translating legal documents.

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to get a high-quality translation at an optimal price.

Benefit from our 13+ years of legal translation expertise

Velior has been providing legal translations since 2005, starting with simple projects such as privacy policies, limited warranties, or prenuptial agreements and gradually working our way up to the “major leagues,” including complex contracts, escrow agreements, and articles of incorporation.

No middlemen: Get on the fast track by engaging your translator directly

With Velior, you work with your translation team directly instead of using services of an agency that acts as a middleman without adding much value. Your benefits include lower costs, higher quality, faster turnaround, rapid response, and overall better communication.

Incredible attention to detail

Engage a team of linguists that puts attention to detail first

With legal translation, every detail counts, because even a minor translation error can be costly. Velior has been training our team to ensure all t’s are crossed and all i’s are dotted, so that your translation is always accurate and reads well.

What our clients sayFeedback from a technology company headquartered in Asia

About the project:

The client engaged us to translate a legal contract covering Intellectual Property (IP), technical and strict confidentiality requirements.

Feedback from the client:

“I have nothing but a glowing endorsement for Velior’s team and work they have done. I value the critical evaluation with which their team not only translated our documentation, but asked key questions to ensure our work was being cross-reviewed on the implications for our business. The Velior team continues to be extremely responsive and this allows us to work seamlessly as one team.”

—CEO & Founder

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