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Russian Editing: Achieve 100% Confidence in Your Translation

Leverage our expertise to make sure your translations are error-free.

Bilingual editing, also called translation revision or review, is a separate service that you buy when you have a translation made by someone else and want a third party to make sure it’s 100% correct.

You can engage us for Russian editing as well as revising translations from Russian into English. In 2018, we counted and found out that the combined word count of all translations that we had edited is about 12,000,000+ words.

As a side note, when you buy Russian translation from us, it already comes with this revision (unless you choose the cheaper “translation only” service).

Why you might need editing

Translators don’t notice a certain percentage of errors in their own work. Having four eyes on each translation is therefore critical if you want top quality. This is a requirement of the EN 15038 translation standard.

If you don’t know the target language, you can’t understand whether the translation you have is correct or not. Use our independent review service to stay confident about quality. In case of major problems, we’ll alert you immediately, so that you can go back to your translator and have them improve the translation. We had a client once who had us revise a translation from a translator that they trusted for a few years. But it turned out that the quality of this translator’s work had been declining and finally deteriorated to the point where he became careless. Without our help, it could take the client much more to find out about that.

If you’re already unhappy with the quality of the translation you bought from someone else, editing may be a cost-efficient alternative to retranslating from scratch. We’ll analyze the translation and tell you exactly which route you should go.

You can also engage us to make any edits to existing translations that are required due to changes in the original or comments made by any users of the translation. Doing so will allow you to save money compared to re-translating the whole thing from scratch.

For critical subject areas, such as medical, legal, or financial translation, errors are absolutely unacceptable. You definitely want additional translation quality assurance in these cases, to have the peace of mind that patients won’t suffer or business opportunities won’t be lost as a result of translation errors.

What you get as a result of editing

Because editing means taking full responsibility for the translation, you get the whole package:

  1. You receive the translation compared against the original for mistranslations, omissions, or inaccuracies.
  2. You’re confident that the terminology is accurate.
  3. Your translation becomes more consistent in the area of terminology, headings, etc.
  4. Your translation will project a professional image because it’ll be free of any spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes.
  5. Your translation reads better as a result of style improvements.
  6. You get an additional confidence boost, thanks to automated QA programs such as Verifika detecting various kinds of errors difficult for the human eye to catch, including inconsistent numbers.

What you provide and get back

It’s best to provide bilingual files for editing. But if you have them in a different format such as a PDF, that’s just fine as well. For example, our Russian editor, Olga Yakushina, has been revising PDFs translated into Russian for more than 20 years. With this sort of experience under her belt, she is the go-to person in our team when any of us has doubts about a grammar rule.

You receive your edited files with the edits displaying visually. Or else, we’ll provide a comparison showing all the edits in a separate file.

How much you pay for revision

The rate is about 50% of the rate we would charge for translating the same text.

The rate depends on the language combination, subject area, content type, and, most importantly, quality of the For example, Russian revision is usually cheaper than editing English translations. And the better the translation is, the lower is your price.

Send us your translation now and get our offer within a few hours to see whether it makes sense for you. You can also have us revise a portion of your translation as a free sample so that you can be sure about whether we’ll meet your expectations.