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Your app rocks in English. We’ll help it do the same in Russian.

Getting Russian software localization right is all about engaging a translation team that both understands the subject matter of your app and has a good grasp of software in general. With a balanced mix of subject areas that we specialize in and many years of software translation under our belt, we might be exactly what you’re looking for. For example:

  • We how to deal with text that grows or shrinks in size after translation: we keep to the size limit, while also avoiding unnecessary abbreviation.
  • We know how to deal with variables that have more grammar forms in Russian than they had in the original.
  • We use common, proven terminology to avoid blunders, such as using a name “Support” for a menu traditionally called “Help.”
  • We keep your precious code intact so that localization doesn’t break your app.

What else have we got?

We treasure context
When it comes to localizing software, context is king. Because GUI items and strings are usually translated in text-based files, but not within the actual software, it’s critical to keep referring to the software or screenshots to see these items in context. We do this meticulously to ensure meaningful and thoughtful translation.

We ask questions
If we don’t understand anything in your app, we ask you instead of guessing at what you meant. We avoid the easy choice—assuming the meaning, but rather double-check. With this kind of attention to detail, nothing falls through the cracks.

We test rigorously
After translation is complete, we test the compiled app painstakingly to ensure all translations fit their context and display correctly. Testing gives everyone peace of mind, ensuring that our translations don’t become less perfect as a result of purely technical glitches.

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