Yes, I want my consultation

Consulting Services for Language Service Providers

Save thousands of dollars by letting us optimize your translation process.

Consulting makes it possible for translation agencies to run a more profitable translation business, whether yours is a mom-and-pop operation or a company with 50+ staff.

Why would you need consulting?

  • Like many businesses today, the translation industry changes rapidly, with new tools and new best practices emerging almost daily. What seemed right last year, let alone five years ago, is no longer effective today. Working closely with an experienced language service consultant will ensure that your company has a sustainable competitive edge.
  • Consulting will help you optimize translation processes, resulting in less time spent managing projects, lower costs, and improved quality.

What is consulting for?

Consulting is geared towards translation agencies that want to outdistance the competition by optimizing various aspects of their daily activities.

  • File analysis: We will analyze your files prior to translation and recommend various optimizations that will reduce your costs and shorten turnaround, while also having a positive impact on quality.
  • Translation process design: We will design a general or project-specific translation process that will make your life much easier.
  • Translation memory optimization: We will work on your files and translation memories to get more repetitions and matches, so that you can cut costs through better leveraging.
  • Project management system: We will help you take your project management to the next level by migrating to a best-of-breed system that will make your work a breeze.

Work smarter, not harder. You know this old cliché is true. But are you putting it to practice? If not, you are spending too much time doing work that should not be done at all, while missing out on business opportunities, such as securing new clients. Tap our 10+ years of experience in the translation industry to make the leap from inefficiency to top performance. Contact us for a free consulting session to learn more.