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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

Don’t Let Translation Be a Bottleneck to Your Expansion. Part 1

This post resulted from an internal discussion of a highly-priced quote for a Russian to English website translation. In the course of preparing the quote, I suggested to charge our highest rate while our project manager maintained that this didn’t make sense because the client would never agree. I knew it was likely to be […]

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Proofreading: How to Avoid Blunders that Turn Away Prospects

This post expands on my older entry about the role of proofreading and the importance of having it done by a qualified person, ideally your original translator. Now, I would like to follow up on, and reinforce, the idea that using someone who is not qualified to do proofreading or dropping it altogether can result […]

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Reasonable Translation Deadline Benefits


Tight deadlines are quite common in the translation industry. The reasons behind them certainly vary and are generally justified such as an urgent need for translation because a delivery truck is detained at the border due to an untranslated bill of lading. However, my experience with English to Russian translation suggests that deadlines sometimes might […]

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