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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

What System Are You Using to Run Your Translation Business?


In the communication age, an ERP system is essential to running most types of businesses efficiently. This holds true for a translation business, too, as long as its operations are more or less complex. For a translation services company that uses a translation memory system, works with agency clients, engages two or more people in […]

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Two Best Practices for Saving Time in Conversations with Prospects. Part 1

“What is your budget?” That’s how we are sometimes forced to start a conversation with a potential client. “Why is your price so high?” That’s what we often hear from potential clients. This post provides best practices around these two questions, which are very common in our sales funnel. These best practices promote effective communication, […]

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Choosing Translation Rate Smartly: Per Word or Per Hour


At some point in their career, many translation professionals had to exclaim, “This seemingly short project is actually taking me forever! Why could not I bill by the hour instead of by the word?” Although per-word translation rates are an industry standard, they are not always fair. It is not uncommon for a translation job […]

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