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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

The Ultimate Shortcut to Translating Russian into English with Optimal Quality


Looking for a translation agency to translate Russian into English? This article explains why it is important to have your translation done by a native speaker, budget permitting. Why a native speaker? Translation is best done by native speakers of the target language (the one being translated into), because it requires excellent command of the […]

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Don’t Let Translation Be a Bottleneck to Your Expansion. Part 1

This post resulted from an internal discussion of a highly-priced quote for a Russian to English website translation. In the course of preparing the quote, I suggested to charge our highest rate while our project manager maintained that this didn’t make sense because the client would never agree. I knew it was likely to be […]

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Quality Triangle

The “quality triangle” is a very basic, yet powerful way to describe the relationships between the three main dimensions of translation services: quality, time, and price. What it means is that something always has to give. That is, whenever you overemphasize one of the dimensions, the triangle loses equilibrium and two other dimensions suffer. I […]

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“Native Speaker” for Russian to English Translations

This post discusses specifics of the “native speaker” notion in relation to Russian to English translation. Normally, just as with many other combinations, this translation is best accomplished by a native speaker who can translate more efficiently into their native language by definition. However, with Russian to English translation, the choice isn’t always straightforward. Compared […]

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