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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

What Is Re-Creation of Formatting and Why You May Need It with Your Translation

Not all files are suitable for translation in their original form. Some files require pre-processing; that is, conversion into a translation-friendly format—one that a computer-aided translation (CAT) program will recognize. This post explains this process in detail. Examples Files requiring re-creation of formatting generally include: Scanned documents PDFs created by programs such as InDesign, when […]

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How to Save Money and Improve Translation Quality with OCR


Despite the rise of content/translation management systems, the share of uneditable source texts in translation supply chains remains significant. One reason is simple unavailability of the original editable versions. An example could be a Soviet Union patent issued back in 1980s that now needs translation from Russian into English. Or a client may want to […]

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