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Common English to Russian Translation Errors. Part 5

This next article in the series focuses mainly on stylistic issues. Note that my suggestions are not final truths and are context-sensitive, as is often the case with stylistic errors. Subtle difference between “программа” and “программное обеспечение” The first English-to-Russian dictionary definition for the word “software” is “программное обеспечение.” This Russian term means software as […]

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“Surprise” Review. Part 1

Last week, one of our clients contacted us with an update of a manual we had previously translated from English into Russian. The client made changes to the source text and now wanted us to make the same changes in the Russian version by updating the old translations and adding the new ones directly in […]

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Proofreading: How to Avoid Blunders that Turn Away Prospects

This post expands on my older entry about the role of proofreading and the importance of having it done by a qualified person, ideally your original translator. Now, I would like to follow up on, and reinforce, the idea that using someone who is not qualified to do proofreading or dropping it altogether can result […]

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Proofreading Files after Typesetting

Recently, I have covered the topic of outsourcing typesetting work in translation jobs, mentioning that the original translator is an ideal proofreader. This post offers a deeper dive on the topic. Place of Proofreading in Translation Workflow Due to role distribution in the translation process, translation vendors sometimes have little or no control over the […]

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