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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

Filter Function in OmegaT


OmegaT provides an incredibly powerful capability to filter segments in the editor pane. A similar function is available in other translation environment tools as well, e.g. Wordfast allows you to select just 100% matches or fuzzy matches for easy navigation. OmegaT, however, takes this functionality to a whole new level. This post describes some of […]

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Working in Client’s Translation Environment Tools

Although dozens of both free and commercial translation environment tools (TEnTs) are available on the market, translation buyers, including translation agencies and direct clients, sometimes choose to develop and use their own tools. In this scenario, particularly typical for larger companies, a client asks a translation vendor to use their company’s tool instead of whatever […]

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Ubuntu as an Operating System for Translation Professionals

A few months ago, I tested Ubuntu 10.10 to see whether the savings generated by using this free operating system for translation purposes instead of Microsoft Windows is worthwhile. Over a period of six months, I used Ubuntu to handle dozens of translation projects. This post outlines some of my findings: The good news is […]

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OmegaT 2.5.0: Another Quantum Leap

This post is designed to review some of the changes implemented in the latest version of OmegaT, 2.5.0, released this week. The new version introduced quite many new features. This time, however, I will focus on only those that we are already using for English to Russian translation on a daily basis. OmegaT now supports […]

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Quality Assurance in OmegaT

Unlike other popular translation environment tools, OmegaT doesn’t provide a full spectrum of built-in quality assurance functions out of the box. Automated quality assurance is, however, paramount to high performance in our line of work, so translators or translation agencies working in OmegaT will need to use mainly external solutions. This post is intended to […]

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Managing Translation Memories in OmegaT


This post continues the series of tips on using OmegaT as a professional tool for English to Russian translation or other language combinations for that matter. Today’s focus is on the translation memory (TM) feature. We store all translation memories in a centralized manner on a file server, which makes it easier to maintain and […]

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Extending Basic OmegaT Functionality under Windows and Linux


This post offers instructions on basic OmegaT setup. Although OmegaT comes ready-to-use, its out-of-the-box functionality can be improved significantly by taking just a few simple steps. This post is intended as a one-stop explanation of these steps so that any user can start benefiting from the extended functionality quickly instead of taking the hard way […]

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OmegaT Revisited: Overriding a Snap Judgment


I am a great believer in free and open-source software as it lends itself to empowering people with the technology they need to be more efficient. The ability to use a free alternative instead of a commercial product can be of great value to any person or company, especially a small business like ours, which […]

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