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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

While We Are Waiting for the Best SDLXLIFF Filter for OmegaT


Right now, there is no easy way to process SDLXLIFF files in OmegaT. All current methods have their drawbacks. I already wrote extensively about translating SDLXLIFF files in the past, but after a few related discussions on the OmegaT forum, I decided to compile a short table listing all current SDLXLIFF translation methods. Until we […]

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OmegaT Heroes: Kos Ivantsov

This post is about one of the people who chooses to invest their time in making our lives as translators better. His name is Kos Ivantsov, and he is a translator between English, Russian, and Ukrainian. He is also one of the most active members of the OmegaT community, and is also active in developing […]

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Common Errors in OmegaT


Do you want to become a power user of OmegaT and fix most problems quickly without asking for help? Read this article to learn about the most common errors that you may encounter in OmegaT and how to solve them. OmegaT does not launch The most common cause is problems with Java. Download and install […]

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How to Use Java with OmegaT

The free translation software OmegaT relies on Java to run. Problems with Java are one of the most common problems for people new to OmegaT. If the program does not launch at all, this is likely a Java issue. This article explains how to use Java with OmegaT correctly. System-wide Java vs. jre subfolder By […]

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Team Projects in OmegaT Explained


Are you uncomfortable using the team project feature in OmegaT? There are excellent tutorials to get you up to speed. My favorites include: Introduction to the Team Project feature in OmegaT by Samuel Murray Sharing a project with OmegaT and Subversion by Sergio Alasia of Qabiria This article you are reading is not another tutorial, […]

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