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OmegaT Video: Most Useful Scripts in OmegaT


In my latest webinar, I looked at three important scripts that you can use in OmegaT. Watch this video to learn how to use them. Spell checking Written by Piotr Kulik and called spellcheck.groovy, this script makes it possible to check spelling in the entire project, thus complementing spell checking that happens on-the-fly in the […]

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Review of OmegaT 3.0.8_2: How to Make Tags in XLIFF and TMX Match

This video about a minor release of the translation memory tool OmegaT focuses on just three changes. Ignore type and ctype attributes when building tag shortcuts Available under Project => Properties => File Filters => XLIFF => Options, this new option makes it possible to ignore the two attributes, for example when you want ph […]

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OmegaT 3.0.8_3 Review: Inserting Tag Pairs and Create Project Shortcut

Version 3.0.8_3 is another minor release of the free translation software OmegaT. It brings several improvements, and in this video I review two of them. Insert Next Missing Tag Pair Available in the Missing Tags view of the Auto-completer, this function makes it possible to insert a pair of tags at once instead of one […]

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Video: Auto-Propagation and Alternative Translations in OmegaT

This video explains how OmegaT auto-propagates translations for non-unique segments. It also shows how to translate two identical segments in a different way. Auto-propagation in OmegaT Auto-propagation is enabled by default for each project. Find any segment that displays in gray. This is a non-unique segment (internal repetition). Translate it, and all others occurrences of […]

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OmegaT Heroes: Didier Briel. Part 1


I was lucky to catch English to French translator, consultant, and OmegaT development manager Didier Briel between jobs for a brief interview. With a very interesting TM concept that sets it apart from competitive tools, regular releases of new versions, and commitment to listening to its users, OmegaT has been gaining momentum in recent years, […]

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Video: OmegaT 3.0.8 Review

In this video, I demonstrate some of the improvements introduced in the latest version of the translation program OmegaT: Various improvements in the XLIFF filter: displaying trans-unit note as a comment, displaying segments containing only protected text in the Editor pane, forcing the “f” shortcut for tags. Additional debugging for team projects is available. The […]

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