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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

Google Translate Killed Translation of Personal E-mails

As online translators are getting better, it makes a lot of sense to use these free-of-charge services to translate your private correspondence—whether e-mails or Skype—rather than professional translation services. Obviously, machine translation is not always appropriate, but my point is that it is quite often sufficient for this type of text. What kind of correspondence […]

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Three Predictions on Machine Translation

Although I like machine translation for many reasons, I am concerned about the impact it might have on translation in general. Obviously, it is changing the landscape of the translation industry, and we translators would prefer not to have such a strong competitor. But I think there are serious drawbacks to overreliance on MT, which […]

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Machine Translation: Chess Analogy


Let’s talk about the future of translation. Not to make predictions, but to look objectively at some of the aspects where machine translation can have an upper hand. The famous chess game between the supercomputer Deep Blue and the then-reigning world champion Garry Kasparov provides an interesting perspective from which to do this. Deep Blue […]

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Can I Get a Russian to English Translation for $5 per Page?

This is a request we received last week. The answer was yes, you can, but not with us. Whereas the client wanted to pay $5, we offered $60 per page—12 times more than he expected. Thankfully, we do not get many such requests, or else we would either have to be rude ignoring them or […]

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Rise of the Machines: Are Translators Endangered Species?

A recent article at Translation Guy Blog discusses how Luis von Ahn, a serial internet entrepreneur, wants to use language students for professional translation services and claims that the resulting translation will be just as good as done by pro translators. I enjoyed how strongly Translation Guy voiced his opinion, defending our industry against this […]

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