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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

The Ultimate Shortcut to Translating Russian into English with Optimal Quality


Looking for a translation agency to translate Russian into English? This article explains why it is important to have your translation done by a native speaker, budget permitting. Why a native speaker? Translation is best done by native speakers of the target language (the one being translated into), because it requires excellent command of the […]

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Sending Larger Translation Projects in Batches


Sending a translation job all at once and sending the same job in batches over a period of time are two very different scenarios. This article lists some of the advantages and drawbacks of the batch approach. Pros of splitting a translation project into batches Ensuring timely delivery. The single most important advantage is having […]

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Avoiding Time Loss in Challenging Projects

Whenever you, a translation buyer, have a large or otherwise challenging text to translate, your project begins long before translation itself starts. If you want top quality, you need to think through your project ahead of time and start working on the plan as soon as possible. Any delays on your part will reduce the […]

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Why Do Translation Rates Vary So Widely?

Receiving quotes for translation from several providers can be confusing, because the prices will be very different. Although different factors make up translation price, there is a single most important factor: quality. This post explains how quality is reflected in translation price, using a car analogy. Translations are like cars when it comes to price. […]

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“Wait” Your Way to Higher Quality

Buying translation often involves making a decision about what is more important to you: speed or quality. Read this article to learn about the advantages and drawbacks of both approaches. Comparison Advantages Drawbacks Speed Since you get your translation faster, you can start using it sooner, and it can bring you the results you want […]

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Common English to Russian Translation Errors. Part 4

This post continues the series about the errors Russian translators frequently make. You can find the links to the previous articles at the end of this post. i.e. This is an ambiguous abbreviation. Normally, it means “id est,” which equals “that means” or “in other words.” Translating it with this meaning could not be easier: […]

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