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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

Common English to Russian Translation Errors. Part 2

I always thought Microsoft was a leader in terms of translation quality. But, surprisingly, the examples for this second post in the series come from Microsoft. Noun phrases In noun phrases such as “server cabinet,” the first noun serves as an adjective, not a singular noun, as it appears to be. As a result, these […]

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What System Are You Using to Run Your Translation Business?


In the communication age, an ERP system is essential to running most types of businesses efficiently. This holds true for a translation business, too, as long as its operations are more or less complex. For a translation services company that uses a translation memory system, works with agency clients, engages two or more people in […]

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How to Cut Costs in a Way that Drives Translators Mad


As translation rates are plummeting, translation agencies are looking for ways to cut costs. Even though translators, myself included, might be uncomfortable with some of the new ideas, it’s better to understand, and be prepared to deal with, them rather than be caught off guard. This post will help you understand internal fuzzy matches (IFMs) […]

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