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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

Translation Prices Explained

The fees translation vendors charge for translation services vary depending on multiple factors. This article lists some of the most important among them. Quality Translation price is largely a function of quality, making it the single most important differentiator. Vendors with a “high volume, low margin” strategy attract clients with rock-bottom rates, but are unlikely […]

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How to Find Great Deals on Translation?

Do you want to save on your translation? Read this article to learn about discounts applicable to translation services, and save the next time you buy translation. Volume discount Like most other products and services, translation is eligible for volume discounts. I have heard people say this should not be true, but I disagree, for […]

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Delivering Translations Through XTRF

One of the things I like about XTRF, the system we use to manage translation projects, is the ability to send completed projects directly from the system—much faster than it normally takes to send a delivery e-mail manually. In theory, the system can even deliver the ready files without any operator intervention. This article explains […]

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Three More Secrets of a Software Localization Pro

Translating software is often more challenging that regular translation. The tips below will help you tackle those challenges more effectively. Ambiguity of English Unfortunately for us translators, many English words are extremely ambiguous. Depending on the context, a word may be a verb, a noun, or an adjective. Here are a few examples from English […]

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Taking Your Translation Memories in OmegaT to the Next Level

Are you looking for a better way to organize your translation memories for reusing them in OmegaT? We keep our translation memories in a centralized location on a network drive. This allows reusing the relevant translation memories in future projects efficiently, without having to copy them into each project manually. A centralized location also reduces […]

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It Is Easier to Throw a Bad Translation Away

Last year, I wrote about the importance of being positive when revising translations. Still, some translations fall below the threshold. We have just completed a large project with tons of 100% matches produced by someone else. Our  team complained so loudly in the process that I feel compelled to share some general ideas about why […]

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Three Reasons for Asking Your Translator to Use a Specific CAT Tool


Recently, the Russian translation portal Mozgorilla published an excellent translation of Jill Sommer’s article about what a translation agency should do to build relationships with its translators. One thing in the article caught my attention, because this is a never-ending issue in our work: Jill makes a good point, saying that an agency shouldn’t impose […]

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