Translation Agency Gets Better Quality with the Help of Velior

A multinational heavy machinery manufacturer enlists the help of Velior to edit a large forklift user manual translated by another vendor from English into Russian.

About the client

This client is a multinational machinery producer who supplies various equipment to Russia and occasionally needs operation and service documentation translated into Russian.

Project background

We have been contacted by a translation agency to perform a revision of a large forklift user manual translated for this end client by another vendor. Committed to providing the highest level of quality, the client wanted a flawless translation. Velior has established a reputation of a dependable translation vendor with this agency, making us the first option to come to their mind.

Project challenges

The translation came as multiple SDL Trados Tag Editor (TTX) files. Working on each file separately was impractical, because opening and closing files took a lot of time and there was no easy way to make global changes.


To make sure our editor could work in a most efficient manner, we merged the files into a single large file, thus eliminating the editor’s frustration that would have been inevitably caused by the multitude of files, as well as making it effortless to change terms or check spelling globally.

Project completion

Merging the files was key to successful editing, because otherwise the editor would have easily spent half of the time just struggling with the plethora of files.

Ekaterina Ilyushina
Project Manager, Velior

Bilingual editing means comparing the text for mistranslations and omissions, identifying and eliminating terminology inconsistencies, as well as correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Apart from these these manual tasks, our editor employed an automated quality assurance tool to check for common types of error, including missing numbers and omitted tags.

Although the project was delivered in batches within a short time frame, Velior was able to ensure consistency between the batches, ultimately meeting the client’s expectations in terms of both deadline and quality.


The client has derived two main benefits from working with Velior:

  • Commitment to high quality. We designed the workflow with top quality in mind, putting a great emphasis on making the editor’s work effortless.
  • High consistency. Despite piecemeal delivery, Velior was able to ensure terminology consistency across the batches.


Category: Editing

Country: Worldwide

Industry: Machinery

Client: Name available upon request

Task: Bilingual editing of the English to Russian translation made by another vendor (110,000 words or 440 pages)

Solution: Buying editing from Velior


  • Commitment to high quality
  • High consistency