Freelance Translator Uses Velior’s Training Course to Boost Her Career

A local translator enlists the help of Velior to take her freelance business to the next level.

About the client

Svetlana Mikhaylova is a freelance translator based in Ivanovo, Russia. In 2008, she graduated from Ivanovo State University and was starting her career as a professional translator. Svetlana knew that using CAT (computer-aided translation) tools was key to running a successful translation business, but she did not receive any formal training in this area at the University. For all her previous translations, she had used a text processor, which meant poor productivity, no access to existing translations or terminology management. Driven by the need to attract more revenue and improve performance, Svetlana opted for two training courses offered by Velior: “Computer-aided translation (CAT) tools” and “Translation management using CAT tools.”

Project background

In 2008, Velior launched courses in order to share translation best practices with both university graduates new to the industry and established translators seeking to improve their skills. Previously, we had developed a set of training materials for our in-house trainees. Having these materials readily available helped us set the wheels in motion when it came to bringing training services to the market. Velior reviewed the existing content, adjusting it to the needs of the new target audience. We removed what was unique to Velior’s workflow, while adding information specific to the freelance translation business. As a result, the company offered the following courses:

  • Computer-aided translation (CAT) tools
  • Translation management using CAT tools
  • Automated quality assurance

Training challenge

The fact that Svetlana had no experience with CAT tools whatsoever made it very challenging to teach her everything within the agreed time period. It was important to make sure that the person responsible for training her had both the knowledge to guide her and the commitment to making her stretch her abilities in order to complete the courses on time.


We assigned Lilia Nozdrina to be Svetlana’s tutor. Lilia had been with us for over two years and had become an expert on the subject of CAT tools. We also expected that her can-do attitude would encourage Svetlana to complete the courses on time.

Training completion

The new courses build on methods that we have developed and fine-tuned over the years by training new employees. This service is all about great ‘value for money,’ as it helps our clients to quickly and inexpensively learn how to do more with less.

Lilia Nozdrina
Translator and Tutor, Velior

Training followed the procedure below:

  • Reading training materials
  • Discussing questions with the tutor
  • Completing exercises
  • Completing tests.

In her first week, Svetlana learned the basics of computer-aided translation tools. She mastered the core concepts of segmentation, translation memory, intermediate files, 100% and fuzzy matches, and repetitions. The second week equipped Svetlana with translation management knowledge. She practiced more complex tasks, such as converting source files into CAT tool format and analyzing source files against translation memories. Svetlana also practiced using the advanced translation environment features, including navigation within a project and terminology management.

At any moment in the process, she could ask her knowledgeable tutor for help. This was crucial to effective and rapid training, as Svetlana had all the answers at her fingertips and was able to focus on moving forward instead of spending time trying to figure out things on her own. She also developed her general computer skills up to the level required to work efficiently in a CAT tool. Svetlana expects an immediate return on investment that will help her:

  • Reduce costs thanks to advanced technology
  • Improve translation quality
  • Plan her work schedule better
  • Increase efficiency.

Within two weeks, Svetlana mastered skills truly central to her small business—an investment that she will be benefiting from continuously in the years to come. Essential to success was also the flexibility of training we offer, including flexible schedule, one-on-one tutoring, and the ability to contact the tutor at any time.


The client derived two main benefits from working with Velior:

  • Learning from the experts. Under supervision of an experienced and motivated tutor and with the help of our fine-tuned training materials, Svetlana was able to assimilate translation best practices in no time.
  • Life-long investment with immediate ROI. The knowledge Svetlana gained as a result of working with Velior boosted her freelance career instantaneously. She will be able to use her new skills and abilities to translate more and with higher quality in the years to come.


Category: Training

Country: Russia

Industry: Translation services

Client: Svetlana Mikhaylova

Task: CAT tool training

Solution: Engaging Velior to provide training


  • Learning from the experts
  • Life-long investment with immediate ROI