Taiwan Translation Agency Sees Measurable Improvement in Quality

    About the client

    Evermore Translation Service founded in 1992, Evermore is a best-of-class professional translation company that receives wide recognition from its customers in all sectors and enjoys a distinguished reputation. In consistency with commitment to valuable customers, Evermore aspires to achieve the ultimate goal of providing customized translation services to meet customers’ stringent demands. They attribute achievements over the past decade to the sustaining effort of the dedicated translation teamwork, plus the timely capture of market opportunities. Evermore addresses customer needs with sincere attitudes, professional knowledge, maximum workflow speed and stringent quality control.

    Client’s feedback

    Our company, Evermore Translation Service located in Taiwan, has been cooperating with Velior since July 2006. Within this period, we used Velior for translation into Russian in over 100 projects of various sizes.

    The projects included marketing content, user manuals, and software strings. Velior translated for us different subject matter such as mobile phones, LCD monitors and TVs, PC accessories and chassis. The translations ranged from a few words to over 10,000 words.

    Velior always delivered quality translations to our satisfaction. Where we had any queries, they provided quick answers.

    Velior usually agrees with our deadlines, in spite of the fact that our time zones differ by 5 hours. When the deadline is not feasible, they suggest reasonable deadline extension.

    As we are satisfied with Velior’s translation, we will continue using their services for our existing and potential clients.

    Tony Shen
    Evermore Translation Service

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Category: Technical translation, Testimonials

Country: Taiwan

Industry: Translation services

Client: Evermore Translation Service

Task: Translation of user manuals into Russian for various Korean producers