Department of Secondary Education in a U.S. City Makes Math Tests Available to Russian-speaking Students

A department of secondary education from a large U.S. city enlists the help of Velior to make math tests available to its Russian-speaking students.

About the client

This client is a local department of secondary education located in a major North American city. Among the many students serviced by this department is a large group of students who are not native speakers of Russian, including Russian kids.

Project background

The client contracted Velior to translate a manual with citywide math tests for grades 3 to 8 through another translation agency. Initially, we only did translation, but then, assured in the quality of our work, the client also had us to the DTP part of the project.

Project challenge

Since at that point (2007), we were just starting providing DTP services, our DTP specialist had limited knowledge of Adobe InDesign—the program we were supposed to do layout in. Moreover, although the actual files were prepared in Adobe InDesign, we had to process the embedded images with text separately in Adobe Illustrator.


Our DTP specialist was committed to doing the best job and learning on the go. His commitment made it possible to deliver the quality our client expected.

Project completion

“Our commitment to meeting the client’s expectations was even more important than skill, because with that commitment, we were able to develop the skill in the process.”

Vitaliy Kubarev
DTP specialist, Velior

Velior was provided with the original files laid out using Adobe InDesign (80 pages). The typesetting included tasks such as rearranging the text and images, customizing master pages, and selecting an appropriate Cyrillic font. The EPS images that included text were processed in a separate program—Adobe Illustrator.


The client derived two main benefits from working with Velior:

  • Commitment to meeting the client’s expectations. Our passion for quality made the difference. The client was happy with the DTP results, having very few comments after post-DTP proofreading.
  • Ability to buy both translation and DTP from the same vendor. Velior’s ability to provide both services relieved the client from having to look for a separate DTP vendor.


Category: DTP

Country: U.S.

Industry: Education

Client: Department of secondary education from a large U.S. city

Task: DTP

Solution: Buying DTP from Velior


  • Commitment to meeting the client's expectations.
  • Ability to buy both translation and DTP from the same vendor.