CaliVita Engages More Russian-Speaking Site Visitors

Dieraty supplements and herbs

Project details

In August 2018, we provided a Russian website translation for CaliVita International, a multinational company producing a range of healthy lifestyle products.

The client sought to add a Russian version of a questionnaire that site visitors complete to get recommendations about vitamins and supplements.

Having a Russian translation for this marketing tool helps CaliVita International reach more prospective clients in Russia and across the world. By speaking their native language, the company makes filling in the questionnaire look easy, boosting the click-through rate.

Calivita’s free vitamin deficiency test

Client’s feedback


Velior and Roman Mironov provided an absolutely high-quality translation service for CaliVita International. They finished translation within the deadline and the budget, which is a sign of professionalism. The delivered material was perfect, and they took care of every details of it. I was really satisfied with their service.

Imre Hamza
Chief Project Officer

Category: Medical translation, Testimonials

Country: Hungary (the client’s headquarters)

Industry: Lifestyle, health, and fitness

Client: CaliVita International

Task: Translating an online medical questionnaire from English into Russian

Solution: Getting a thoroughly crafted translation on time and within the budget from Velior


  • High quality thanks to our many years of experience in Russian medical translation.
  • Our project manager found a creative way to reach the client with an estimate when the email address, which they indicated on the request form originally, bounced.
  • No prepayment was required—the client paid after receiving the translation.