1 Plus Publishing & Consulting Has a Book Improved before Printing

Russian book proofreading

In September 2017, we were approached by a Chinese book publisher to proofread a Russian translation of a book.


Featuring 128 pages, this book is an inspirational story for business owners. It was previously translated from Chinese into Russian.

Proofreading took two days and was completed by our linguist Olga Yakushina who has 20+ years of experience in this line of work.

Our service enabled the client to have peace of mind knowing that the the book is 100% ready to go to the press. Readers will be able to enjoy it without frowning at grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.

Client’s feedback

I hired Velior for proofreading and they proved to be accurate and efficient. They delivered the work on time, with good quality, at a reasonable price.

I would definitely hire them again for future Russian work.

Yan Liu
1 Plus Publishing & Consulting


Category: Proofreading, Testimonials

Country: China

Industry: Business, self-help

Client: 1 Plus Publishing & Consulting

Task: Ensure a Russian translation of 128-page book is ready for publishing

Solution: Buying a Russian proofreading service from Velior


  • Multiple improvements made, thanks to 20+ years of experience
  • Edits that are easy to implement for the client
  • Making readers happy