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Video: Segments with Identical Source and Target in OmegaT

This video explains how to deal with “source equals target” segments in OmegaT.

Before getting down to it, let’s configure a few off-the-shelf settings in OmegaT to make the Editor pane more intuitive. I recommend enabling these three options in the View menu:

  • Mark Translated Segments
  • Display Source Segments
  • Mark Untranslated Segments

Enabling them results in the following benefits:

  • You can easily tell translated segments from untranslated ones visually.
  • You also see the source text, which is usually essential, unless you are doing monolingual proofreading.

(While you are at it, you may also want to enable Mark Non-Unique Segments—a crucial option that allows seeing which segments are repetitive.)

Now that the Editor pane is self-explanatory visually, you can effectively process segments that do not require translation. There are three major ways to handle them:

  • Leave segments as they are; that is, they will continue to appear as untranslated in OmegaT. I do not like this option, because OmegaT does not write them to the translation memory. They are not reflected in the project statistics as a result: for example, even if your project is de facto completely translated, you might have a few hundred untranslated words in the statistics. And you won’t be able to re-use these segments in future jobs.
  • The second and preferred option is to use Register Identical Translation under the Edit menu (Ctrl+Shift+S). This will save the current segment to the TM.
  • The third option is to enable Allow translation to be equal to source under OptionsEditing Behavior. OmegaT will then write each untranslated segment to the TM once you leave it. The obvious drawback of this option is that simply moving through segments without even intending to translate them results in OmegaT saving all of them to the TM and considering them translated.

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