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Video: Translation Software OmegaT Takes Spell Checker to the Next Level (OmegaT 3.1.1 Review. Part 2)

Translation Software

This is the second video about the changes introduced in the free translation program OmegaT, version 3.1.1.

The “Finish” button replaces the “Cancel” button.

When you go into the replacement mode by clicking any of the replace buttons in the Text Replace window, the button for closing this mode is now called “Finish” instead of “Cancel” .

1,000 requests to the MyMemory MT service available per day

If you use the MyMemory machine translation service, you can increase the number of requests allowed per day from 100 to 1,000. To do so requires running OmegaT with the option below:

Option to run OmegaT, e.g., using a BAT file e-mail

Comments displayed by the Java Resource Bundles filter

While you translate files with this filter, the Comments pane displays comments (# or !) left by developers in source files.

Spell checking improvements

In addition to sorting by column reviewed in the previous OmegaT 3.1.1 video, the spell checking script underwent a few other major improvements:

  • The script can ignore mnemonic characters and escape sequences, making it possible to check words split by characters (such as { or n) in a meaningful way instead of getting a long list of false positive errors (pieces of words).
  • Disabling the Check whole project checkbox allows checking spelling in the current file only—an extremely useful feature when you have a project with many files, but want to check spelling in just one.
  • The Use glossary checkbox reduces the number of false positives by letting the script assume that glossary terms are correct.

The “Properties…” menu is enabled in team projects again.

The re-enabled menu allows changes to project-specific file filters and segmentation rules only. The idea behind blocking access to other settings is to prevent translators from changing settings while a project is in progress. To access settings in a working copy of a project, run OmegaT with the option below that prevents synchronization with the server:

Option to run OmegaT, e.g., using a BAT file

Correct match statistics for bilingual documents with source=target

OmegaT is now free from the bug that caused incorrect match statistics in files pre-translated for OmegaT (source copied into target). Previously, OmegaT erroneously assumed that almost all words fell into the 95 to 100% match category regardless of the actual match rate.

Getting help with using the translation program OmegaT

You can also watch the first part of this OmegaT video. You can ask questions about these and other OmegaT functions in the translation program OmegaT user group.

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