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Our Services: Technical Translations into Russian

Technical Translation

Velior has been providing technical translations into Russian since 2005, while some of our team members have been working in this field much longer. From small safety tags to user manuals for complex machinery, technical texts account for a major part of our daily work. Our first goal is always to deliver translations that make it as effortless as possible for end users to operate devices correctly.

Some of the major subject areas and content types we have extensive experience with are listed below:

Russian technical translation subject areas

  • Medical equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Automotive

Content types

  • User manuals
  • Specifications
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Drawings
  • Replies to request for quotes (RFQ)


Technical texts are impossible to translate well without understanding the subject area. Having translated thousands of technical texts, we have experience that makes it easier to understand new projects. Our team also includes people with extensive field experience, such as an editor who worked in a machinery spare parts business for many years. Another source of expertise we draw upon regularly is a network of external experts who help us with more challenging texts.


Another cornerstone of our translation quality is the extensive research that is part of each project. Whenever our translators come across something they do not understand, they research it as much as possible instead of translating literally. We make sure the original is crystal clear to us first and only then do we produce a final translation. The result is a target-language text that makes sense to users rather than leaving them clueless. Here are a few English to Russian translation examples from the IT field:

Original Our translation Literal translation
The cost of storing data continues to fall, but not as quickly as the price of managing data. Расходы на СХД снижаются медленнее, чем растут объемы данных. Стоимость хранения данных снижается, но не так быстро, как стоимость управления ими.
Continuing our long-term strategy, the new solutions incorporate features designed to markedly improve system reliability and support constant availability. В полном соответствии с долгосрочной стратегией в новую линейку был включен функционал, направленный на существенное увеличение надежности системы и максимальную бесперебойность доступа. Продолжая реализацию долгосрочной стратегии, в новые решения был включен функционал, направленный на заметное увеличение надежности системы и поддержку ее постоянной доступности.

 Terminology consistency

Having the processes in place to ensure terminology consistency is crucial for success in technical translation projects. We create or re-use client-specific glossaries for each job. Whenever possible, we extract terms for glossaries, translate them, and have them approved by the client even before the project begins, so that our translation meets the client’s expectations in the area of terminology from the outset, preventing costly rework after the project has already been delivered. Relying on glossaries has an added benefit of stimulating translators and editors to make a more conscious effort in this area, resulting in higher quality.

Keeping glossaries alone is not enough, though, because translators may forget to use a term from a glossary. To minimize human error, quality assurance tools, such as Verifika, allow checking translations against glossaries. Such tools flag all occurrences where a translation of a glossary term was expected, but was not found. Our linguists check all potential errors and either correct them or dismiss them as false positives.

In conclusion

If you want to find a Russian translation team you can trust, we might be a perfect fit. Contact us today for a free, non-binding quote.

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