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Video: Four New Time-Saving Improvements for Translators in OmegaT 3.1.0

ImprovementsIt is my pleasure to review a few new features in four different areas recently added to the already rich functionality of OmegaT.

Improvements in the Text Search window

Searching in untranslated and/or translated segments

The Text Search window has three new radio buttons: Translated or untranslated, Translated, and Untranslated. Enabling each of these buttons limits the search results to the respective segments. For example, if you want to find how you translated a specific term, but do not want to be distracted by the segments that are not translated yet, enable the Translated radio button.

Searching for segments with comments

OmegaT now also makes it possible to find segments that have notes associated with them in the source files. To do so, enable the In comments checkbox. For example, OmegaT will find comments added between note tags in XLIFF files.

Remove filter button

This button was moved from the Text Search window to the Editor pane, making it a lot easier to disable the applied filter when you no longer need it.

Changes in layout

The Files radio button now displays to the right of the Project radio button, making switching between search in files or in the project more intuitive. The Memory, TMs, and Glossaries checkboxes that control where exactly OmegaT performs a search within the project now have Alt+hotkeys available.

Inserting missing tag pairs

Introduced in OmegaT just recently, the function for inserting a tag pair available in the Auto-completer failed to keep the selected text when tags were around it. Now it works correctly and keeps the text within the added tags.

Improved QA script

The main quality assurance script now includes checking for different case of the first letters in segments. After running this script and noticing an error in the script window that opened, you can quickly open the segment for correction by clicking its number.

New scripts

OmegaT now ships with two scripts written by Kos Ivantsov. The Strip Tags script removes tags from matches inserted from translation memories manually with Ctrl+Shift+R. The Tag-Free Match script does the same, but also inserts the match for you. Since having two similar scripts is an intolerable luxury when the number of available shortcuts is limited to 12, I recommend using the Strip Tags script only, because even though it involves an additional manual action, it is more intuitive.

You can ask any questions in the comments below or refer them to the OmegaT user group.

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