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Translation Agency Velior: Our 2013 in Numbers

2013 was the best year for Velior so far. It is my pleasure to report these accomplishments:

Revenue growth

Our revenue grew by more than 50%. This increase is attributed solely to being able to meet our clients’ expectations in terms of quality and customer service. Knowing that we “walk our talk,” clients felt confident that they could entrust us with more translation work.

More projects

The number of projects doubled. With so many projects to manage, our daily work has never been so demanding. Although difficult at times, this experience has been exciting and has helped us continue optimizing our processes, based on feedback about what worked and what did not.

More staff

We have expanded our internal team this year, too. With the core of the team unchanged, this could not be easier, because new people get up to speed quickly under their stewardship.

New partnerships with freelancers forged

With more projects than ever, we have had the privilege to get to know and work with many excellent freelance linguists. As a result, our team is now better positioned for handling larger and more diverse projects.

Translation process investments

As our project management system, we replaced ]project-open[ with XTRF—a more sophisticated system geared specifically towards translation agencies. This should have been done long ago, but it was only with the increase in the number of projects that we realized ]project-open[ no longer met our needs. OmegaT, the program that we use as our translation memory tool, also saw massive improvements in 2013. Supported by highly motivated developers and donations from its users, Velior included,  this open-source project has been gaining momentum, with exciting new features added almost on a monthly basis. We have perfected our processes centered around this program, including simultaneous work of several translators to provide faster translation turnaround. Some urgent projects that we did included as many as four translators working in parallel.


2013 was the first year that we consistently published two blog posts per week. This has been a challenge and required a complete overhaul of the writing and publishing process. Writing blog posts occasionally, in a haphazard manner, could no longer work. We brought organization to this process by doing three things. Firstly, I committed to writing posts on specific days, to make this a habit rather relying on a surge of inspiration.  Secondly, by writing posts in an organized fashion, well ahead of the publishing date, we were able to have them edited properly. A huge thanks goes to Susan Welsh, whose help editing the blog was nothing short of amazing. Thirdly, by letting another person manage the blog, I now have more time to focus on writing. We are still lagging behind the publishing schedule for the Russian mirror of the blog, though, but we will catch up in the coming year.

In conclusion

We owe this success to you—our clients, our people, and our readers. Thank you for making 2013 so remarkable for Velior. We look forward to strengthening our relationships in 2014. You can take advantage of Velior’s Russian translation services by contacting us.

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Roman Mironov
Roman Mironov
CEO & Founder

As the founder of Velior, Roman has had the privilege of being able to turn his passion for languages into a business. He has over 15 years of experience in the translation industry. Roman has helped dozens of clients increase sales by making their products appealing for speakers of other languages.