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Video: Resolving Team Project Conflicts in OmegaT 3.1.0

Starting with version 3.1.0, the translation software OmegaT comes with an integrated program called SuperTMXMerge. Written by Aaron Madlon-Kay, this tool is designed to compare and merge translations in TMX files. OmegaT relies on it to offer users the ability to resolve conflicts that result in team projects when two translators make a different change to the same translation unit at the same time. Whereas in the past, OmegaT would silently discard one of the changes in favor of the other, now it puts the translator in the driver’s seat.


  1. Two translators connect to an SVN or GIT server to work on an English to Russian translation project in OmegaT.
  2. They simultaneously decide to change the existing translation for the word “Warning”:
Translation updated by the first translator Existing translation on the server
Translation updated by the second translator
Внимание! Предупреждение Осторожно!
  1. When the two translators synchronize their projects with the server, OmegaT displays a window for the translator who was last to send his change, suggesting that he should choose among the three translations.

SuperTMXMerge in OmegaT

  1. This window provides all the information necessary to make a decision about the translation unit, including the author’s name and a comparison of the changes made.
  2. The translator chooses the translation to be used and clicks Done.
  3. OmegaT replaces the translation in his working copy of the team project instantaneously.
  4. When the second translator synchronizes her project with the server, she receives the updated translation as well.


It is important for the translator who gets the conflict warning to evaluate the other translator’s translation objectively rather than dismiss it automatically as “not mine.”

In the past, OmegaT had team project issues, in which newer translations could be overridden by older ones. Whether SuperTMXMerge will contribute to preventing this behavior remains to be seen.

In addition to being integrated in OmegaT, this tool has a standalone version that can be used for comparing TMX files, much like the excellent Change Tracker. The standalone version of SuperTMXMerge is available at GitHub.

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