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Video: Auto-Propagation and Alternative Translations in OmegaT

This video explains how OmegaT auto-propagates translations for non-unique segments. It also shows how to translate two identical segments in a different way.

Auto-propagation in OmegaT

Auto-propagation is enabled by default for each project. Find any segment that displays in gray. This is a non-unique segment (internal repetition). Translate it, and all others occurrences of this segment will get translated as well. If you update any of these repetitive segments, the remaining occurrences will change, too.

Alternative translations in OmegaT

Internal repetitions may have to be translated differently depending on the context. For instance, “Title” can mean a title of a document and a person’s title such as “Mr.” To translate a non-unique segment in a different way, right-click it, and select Create Alternative Translation.

Where OmegaT keeps alternative translations

OmegaT keeps alternative translations in the end of the project_save.tmx, will all relevant information, including file name, preceding segment, and following segment.

Removing an an alternative translation

  • Open a segment, right-click it, and select Remove translation. Then, type the translation that you want.
  • Or open a segment, right-click it, and select Use as Default Translation. This translation will become the main (default) translation for the entire project.

What if OmegaT fails to save AT due to identical context and file name?

Make context unique, e.g., by adding a symbol somewhere in the original text.

Go To Next Untranslated Segment stops where there is at least one alternative translation

Available under Options => Editing Behavior, this setting forces OmegaT to open each alternative translation as you move through a project with Ctrl+U.

Be careful with file names

Because alternative translations are not only context-dependent, but are also file-dependent, changing file names invalidates them. You need to either avoid this or remember to change file names in the Alternative translations section of project_save.tmx as well.

OmegaT alternative translations in TM

For more information about auto-propagation in OmegaT, read the detailed article “Read This if You Hate to Translate Internal Repetitions.”

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