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Video: OmegaT 3.0.8 Review

ReviewIn this video, I demonstrate some of the improvements introduced in the latest version of the translation program OmegaT:

  1. Various improvements in the XLIFF filter: displaying trans-unit note as a comment, displaying segments containing only protected text in the Editor pane, forcing the “f” shortcut for tags.
  2. Additional debugging for team projects is available.
  3. The GUI-enabled show_same_segments.groovy script displays segments with source identical to target.
  4. The check_rules.groovy script now checks for translations where end punctuation is different from the original.
  5. Two improvements in the Fuzzy Matches pane: merging consecutive insertions and deletions separated by whitespace, as well as a new variable, ${diffReversed}.
  6. The background color for a match inserted from the “mt” subfolder within the “auto” folder is now salmon red.
  7. When you go to the last note from the first note, OmegaT now correctly goes to the very last note in the project rather than the last note in the first file.
  8. A new option in the Microsoft Open XML filter allows translating the URLs in PowerPoint hyperlinks.

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