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OmegaT Heroes: Kos Ivantsov

Photo by mopsographieThis post is about one of the people who chooses to invest their time in making our lives as translators better. His name is Kos Ivantsov, and he is a translator between English, Russian, and Ukrainian. He is also one of the most active members of the OmegaT community, and is also active in developing OmegaT.

I had the privilege of helping Kos develop a few scripts for OmegaT and found him a very enthusiastic, responsive, and responsible partner. Even though he is reluctant to admit his skills and achievements, Kos is a talented programmer. He documents his work in his blog very professionally, too.

Kos is also a major contributor to discussions in the OmegaT user group. His answers to requests for help from other users are quick and to the point. Kos’s passion for excellence and helping others make him one of those few people that make things happen. Since OmegaT is a free and open-source tool, its ongoing improvement and even existence hinges on people like Kos, who are willing to give without expecting to receive.

Kos’s major contributions to OmegaT

Kos has developed a host of useful scripts, including:

Quality assurance

These scripts check translations for common errors, such as leading and trailing whitespace,  repeating words, target text shorter or longer than source. The latter check is useful when a client sets a requirement that the translation should not be longer than the original.

Copy all source segments and copy untranslated segments

These scripts copy either all the text or just the untranslated text from an OmegaT project into a separate text file. Possible uses include dividing a large project into smaller chunks or creating a translatable file for someone who does not work with OmegaT.

Export translations of selected files to a TMX file

This script makes it possible to create a TMX file with translation from a few selected files, rather than exporting the entire project. Example: You are a part of a team of translators who are working on a project simultaneously; you translate just a few files and need a TMX of your translation to run QA.

Export of translation units changed after a selected point in time

This script produces a TMX with the most recent translations, allowing you to skip older translations. For example, if a client does not pay for 100% matches, you do not want to check them in a quality assurance program. In this case, you can create a TMX with the latest translations to check in the QA tool.


I love pre-translation, which makes me a fan of this script. It allows you, for example, to insert terms from a glossary into an OmegaT project. This saves time and reduces inconsistency.

You can find the scripts explained and provided in Kos’s blog or in our version of OmegaT.


Kos maintains a well-written blog, which is a must read for every user of OmegaT who wants to get the most out of the program

Following and working with Kos

Kos’s work is a great model of excellence and passion for contributing to a good cause, and it deserves praise and support. There are several ways you can give back to Kos. First, follow his blog. Second, support his development efforts by testing, funding, bringing up ideas, etc. Third, buy translations from him, because he is a trusted translator, too.

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