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Our Specializations: IT and Software Localization

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The information technology industry has been one of the hottest industries in recent years.. People are enormously dependent on computers, networks, and the Internet. And so, demand for translations in this area is also great. We have been producing IT translations since the very inception of the company. We have a deep understanding of this subject matter, and if we do not understand а part of the source text, we can draw upon the wealth of information on the Internet and from external experts.

Translating IT texts is more challenging than most technical translation. Try giving a software localization project to someone who has no experience in this area, and you will likely receive a translation with misplaced tags, missing variables, and so on.

Another important consideration is adhering to the translation guidelines established by the companies that dominate this industry, such as Microsoft. We closely follow these guidelines, including Microsoft glossaries, so that our clients can be sure that we use the most common and accurate translations, instead of inventing our own literal translations, which no one will understand.

When we translate software, we know that context is everything. Where a word such as “View” is located in a program determines whether it is a verb or a noun, and that is crucial for translation. We also know the common pitfalls to look for when testing localized software.

Some of the major areas of expertise and content types we support are listed below:

Specific areas of expertise

  • Computer networks
  • PC hardware
  • Storage systems
  • Software localization

Content types

  • Graphic user interface
  • User help and manuals
  • Marketing texts such as white papers or product reviews
  • Websites

Recent projects

Here are a few examples of the most challenging projects that we have recently completed in this area:

  • Operations and maintenance manual for IT equipment used in hospital operating rooms as a central point of control and integration of audio, video, and data routing for medical staff.
  • Software and user manual for an immunoassay system. This project included implementing the client’s feedback and testing the localized software.
  • Travel and expense portal for internal use by a pharmaceutical company.
  • Training manual designed to teach people, primarily in the developing countries, how to use computers and the Internet.

For more information about what we are best at translating, check out the articles about our specialization under medical translation and corporate documents.

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