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Best and Worst Moments of 2012

Now is the time to look back at some of the results of 2012. Here’s a short list of the most positive and negative experiences I’ll remember this year by. Perhaps, these aren’t the most important things, but they definitely made a difference and are fresh in my memory right now.

Things I’d Love to Remember

For 2012, we set a goal to beat the previous year earnings by about 15%. Until the last couple of months, things didn’t look good. But November and December made a big difference. Although we didn’t meet the goal, we did beat the last year by 5% after all. Because I had been expecting a negative growth, this came as a very nice surprise. Because we worked hard lately, taking a few days off during the holiday season felt especially good. What’s better than taking a good rest after some hard work, enjoying a sense of completion?

Although we’ve been using the translation memory program OmegaT since 2010, it doesn’t stop surprising me in so many ways. This last year saw many exciting changes, the team collaboration being undoubtedly the best one. I often catch myself thinking how easy my life as a translator is now thanks to OmegaT and how difficult it used to be with other tools just a few years ago. I’m so excited about this progress and grateful to the folks behind this wonderful program.

We developed a relationship with a new client who delayed the first payment by several months. Our policy is not to put too much pressure on clients in such cases because we believe they might have a good reason for delay. Our focus is always on continuing the relationship rather than arguing until the point where it’s no longer possible. This approach worked out nice this time, and we’re reaping the rewards.

Things I’d Rather Forget

Instead of offering the premium services only, we added the standard and economy services to our range this year. While I’m positive this was the right move, I feel frustrated, too, because we should’ve done this earlier. Different clients have different expectations about translation quality and costs. Pushing the premium services onto people who want lower prices and faster turnaround isn’t a wise marketing strategy. If we had done this move earlier, it could’ve helped us save quite a few good clients who went elsewhere a few years ago because they didn’t want the premium services.

I’m also quite disappointed with the latest Trados. Not as big as other experiences in the post, but still a disappointment, especially because many issues happened during the last month and are fresh in my memory. Some files couldn’t open until we restarted the program. Some formatting was in WYSIWYG format instead of the tagged format. One evening, I had to stay in the office until 11PM with a colleague to finish a project because we couldn’t get the program to update a TM. I admit that I don’t have the full knowledge of this latest version, and things might get better with practice. But I’m not a newbie to CAT tools and older Trados versions either. I’d love the program that’s a market leader to be more user-friendly.

If you want to learn more about why we, just as many other translation professionals, need to use Trados, check out my post about how we ended up purchasing Trados.

If you have anything to add, feel free to get in touch via the comments!

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