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The Trend Is Your Friend

We decided that it doesn’t make sense to fight the trend any longer. I mean the price pressure. Instead of trying to convince clients why you want to pay a premium for top-quality translation, from now on, we’ll simply let you choose the price you like. You can choose from three service levels depending on your budget, quality, or deadline expectations. In essence, you have a choice of three quality levels: (1) translation + revision by a translator with 8+ years of experience, (2) translation + revision by a translator with 5+ years of experience, and (3) low-cost translation. Read on for more details.

Premium service

Highlights: The best quality and customer service we can provide, including translators with 8+ years of experience

Designed to provide the highest quality of translation, this service is for clients who don’t want to compromise on quality. They recognize that high quality is key to having a huge return on their investment in translation. I also recommend this service for scenarios where translation errors can be extremely costly. Examples include:

  • Difficult translations such as pharmaceutical or financial documents requiring that a translator specializes in this area
  • Proposals that can secure significant business
  • Any other important document where a translation error can result in damages or lost profits

This service includes translation by one linguist and full-fledged revision by a second linguist with 8+ years of experience (per EN 15038). We also provide additional services at no charge where possible. For example, we don’t charge a minimum fee for any follow-up requests to translate a few additional words. The rate for this service also depends on the project difficulty.

Standard service

Highlights: Great value for money, translators with 5+ years of experience

This service is designed to provide a high level of quality, which is totally fine for the majority of translation clients. It’s important to understand, though, that by choosing this service, you agree that your translations may not always be flawless. Think business class and economy class in airlines. If this is not what you expect, please go with the premium service to make sure you get top quality.

This service includes translation by one linguist and revision by a second linguist. Because both linguists have 5+ years of experience, they produce a well-crafted, professional translation that meets requirements of most clients.

To make things easier for you, the rate for this service is fixed so that you don’t have to contact us to know the exact costs.

Translation only

Highlights: Good quality, but not excellent

“Trans only” is translation by a regular translator + automated QA check by a second translator. Does not comply with EN15038 and may not produce high quality.

Economy service

Highlights: Perfect choice for anyone who needs fast turnaround and low cost and is less concerned about quality

This service includes translation by one linguist. While it doesn’t provide the same level of quality as “translation + revision” does, it sure is a great choice when low price and short deadline are important.

. To buy the translation service you like, please place an order or request more information.

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