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Looking Back at 2011

2011 ended, and it’s time to reflect on some of the things that made this year incredibly good for us. We continued to successfully pursue our mission while also meeting most of our strategic goals and financial targets. This was made possible through the outstanding performance of our people who were just a joy to work with, requiring little or no management along the way.

In terms of mission and strategy, the highlights include:

  • As we pursue the mission of being a servant to our clients and making their day-to-day work easier, our key performance indicator is the level of negative feedback. This year, we hardly had any substantial negative comments from the clients. Truth be told, there were occasional slips in our work just as they occur with virtually any product or service over time. They were, however, uncritical and statistically insignificant.
  • We are finding new and better ways to increase quality. In 2011, we introduced a new method of measuring and managing quality of English to Russian translations. The best thing about it was that it didn’t end up being just a fancy strategy. By consistently translating this initiative into execution, we were able to produce tangible results right from the start.
  • As an organization, we are becoming flatter. The rationale for the changes is based on the empowerment ideas promoted by the likes of Gary Hamel, Stephen R. Covey, or Jim Collins, just to name a few. I feel strongly about these changes although it’s clear that they are challenging for our team and will take time. The results include higher engagement, increased commitment to quality, and organization climate improvement.

In terms of financial targets, we significantly increased revenue and margin as compared to 2010. The cornerstone of this achievement is of course our clients, and I would like to take the opportunity to express how privileged and happy we feel about having been able to serve you this year. Repeat business continues to account for a large percentage of our work which is something we are proud of and enjoy immensely. Relationships with some of our clients reached a five-year milestone this year! We are also excited about our new direct and agency clients, looking forward to forging strong relationships with them over time.

Last, but certainly not least, I am proud of how our people went above and beyond to support our way forward. With the organizational changes under way, they are exhibiting consistent growth, stronger work ethic, and commitment to meeting our shared goals through hard work and discretionary effort. I’d also like to thank all external translators—their indispensable contribution helped us complete important projects that would have otherwise been impossible. A special thanks goes out to Vladimir Rusakov, Olga Yakushina, and Ekaterina Ilyushina who did a fantastic job keeping this blog going. In 2011, we significantly increased blogging frequency, eventually publishing about 40 posts, and the team stood up to this challenge exceptionally well.

We hope that 2011 was just as good to our clients and readers. We wish you happiness and maximum achievement in 2012!

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Roman Mironov
Roman Mironov
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As the founder of Velior, Roman has had the privilege of being able to turn his passion for languages into a business. He has over 15 years of experience in the translation industry. Roman has helped dozens of clients increase sales by making their products appealing for speakers of other languages.