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Our Specializations: Corporate Documents

When we launched Velior in 2005, our range of specializations was very limited: consumer electronics manuals, general texts, simple legal texts, simple marketing texts, and that’s basically it. Gradually, by working on an array of long-term projects, we developed new areas of expertise, which go way beyond those basic specializations in terms of complexity. This post begins a series of articles describing some of the recently added advanced specializations.

In 2007, we started to translate what we refer to as “corporate documents.” The volume of work in this area has been growing steadily ever since, with the number of words translated from English into Russian so far approaching 1 million words. By “corporate documents,” we mean any materials that provide some form of instruction for company’s employees and are typically designed for internal use. Most of them are associated with Human Resources (HR) processes. The demand for these materials mainly comes from larger companies with global presence that operate in Russia and/or other Russian-speaking countries. Providing documents to employees in their native language makes good business sense for such companies, because a Russian version makes it easier for them to understand and comply with the company’s guidelines. In contrast, with no translated version available, it’s quite hard to hold employees accountable for something they might not have known or understood in the first place.

The most common types of content include:

  • Codes of conduct
  • Policies and procedures
  • Job descriptions
  • Management training materials
  • Evaluations and questionnaires
  • Internal communications
  • Intranet portals

By working on these types of content almost on a daily basis and through communication with our clients’ employees who edit our translations, we’ve gained significant experience that provides a solid foundation for our current and future translations in this area. We now have the knowledge of a typical company structure, performance management and appraisal, payroll, investor relations, salary grades, and compliance matters, to name a few. Whenever we come across a very specific term such as merit, 360 feedback, band differential, below minimum range adjustment, banded population, talent pipeline, FCPA, the translation comes easy and reads natural.

In fact, in a few cases we were even able to help our client’s editors with translation of a term or phrase that they struggled with or misunderstood, despite the fact that they obviously know their company’s processes better than we do. It was a pleasure to have a chance to give back for all the learning opportunities created by the steady stream of work in this area from our clients. It is exclusively through their long-term loyalty that we were able to add this specialization to our range of services.

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Roman Mironov
Roman Mironov
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