Date: September2011

Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

Securing New Clients: Risk Management

On translation forums and blogs, translators often express concerns about whether they should accept an offer from a new client, because they aren’t sure whether the client will pay them. Indeed, the indirect manner of contact (usually via Internet) common in our industry makes it easier to “forget” about paying your translator, because you haven’t […]

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Translation Requests through Mass Emails

Sending a translation request through a mass email, i.e. a non-personal email sent to several translators at a time, is a tool of last resort used by translation agencies in case of a very urgent job. Although effective and often reasonable, this is a very controversial practice, since more often than not it can be […]

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Dealing with Low-Quality Translation Memories

Working with translation agencies often involves projects with existing translation memories (TMs) created by a different translator or translators. For example, an agency decides to use your services, since the original translator is unavailable. The agency expects you to provide discounts for 100% and fuzzy matches. Because you can’t be sure of the quality of […]

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Stormy Waters for Our Flagship

Lionbridge is the world’s largest language service provider, with the company’s stock traded at NASDAQ. As a flagship of the translation industry, Lionbridge stock may be considered an important indicator of the entire industry performance. The bad news is that the current trend for Lionbridge is clearly bearish. Lionbridge’s shares have already lost 25.75% year-to-date. […]

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