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Requests From Local Direct Clients We Don’t Handle

We love to work with direct clients based in our city, Ivanovo. This happens rarely though, because we can’t handle most requests we receive. I would like to use this post to describe these types of requests. If you are a potential client, I hope this post will save you time if you are considering enlisting our services for such a request. There are two general types of requests that we don’t handle:

1. Translation of personal documents such as passports, marriage licenses, or death certificates.

Such translations normally require certification by a notary public, which we don’t offer. It is my experience that the local notaries who provide this service prefer to work with translators they know. For this reason, we refer such requests to the offices of the notaries or other local translation companies who specialize in this kind of services.

Also, many language combinations involved in such requests are rare and are completely outside of our area of expertise (English to Russian translation). We don’t have an established working relationship with translators of such combinations, which is essential in our line of business: you need to work with a translator on a regular basis to be sure that they are dependable and will continue to match your quality expectations.

Perhaps, the only exception we make with this type of requests is medical records. They do fall within our area of expertise, and we are quite comfortable handling them thanks to years of experience with medical translations.

2. The second type of requests is the translations required for information purposes, rather than publication purposes. This means that a lower rate and fast turnaround are much more important to a prospective client than the quality of translation. An example could be an operation manual that a local company wants translated to get a general idea of how to operate a piece of machinery. I find this approach to quality and price extremely reasonable, because paying more than necessary in such cases is often a waste of a company’s money. If I were a company representative in need of a translation with little concern for high quality, I would also go for bargain basement prices, having no motivation to pay more for something I don’t need. Therefore, as a provider that puts quality first, takes extra time to do a good job, and charges our clients accordingly, we can’t be of much help in such cases. When we get this type of requests, we normally explain that our quality and rates might be unnecessarily high for this kind of job and refer a prospect to another vendor who is better positioned to meet their requirements.

Aside from the above types of requests, we very much enjoy servicing local clients, because a face-to-face contact is rare in our line of business and is therefore especially treasured!

To benefit from our focus on specialization, ask us for an English to Russian translation quote.

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