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Blog Upgrade

This post provides a quick overview of the latest upgrades made to this blog, in order to improve both user-friendliness and blog management process.


The blog’s content management system (CMS), WordPress, has been upgraded to the latest version 3.01 using these instructions provided in WordPress knowledge base. The new version makes it easier to manage the blog, including writing posts, moderating comments, adding new functionality, and other routine tasks. For instance, you can now use a visual tool to easily add widgets such as Recent Posts or Blogroll to your sidebar, instead of manually coding them into a back-end PHP file.


The new CMS version required updating Qtranslate plugin to the current version 2.5.9. This great plugin makes it possible to create a parallel version of your blog in another language. In our case, the two languages we use to create posts and accept comments are English and Russian. Qtranslate was of tremendous help in making this blog available to those visitors who cannot read our posts in their original language. I believe this plugin can be a great enabler for any translation agencies or individual translators who want to run a blog in several languages, just as they do with their corporate or personal services websites, but are unsure how to approach this task. Qtranslate makes it simple by offering you an easy-to-use ability to create multilingual versions of each post, tag, page, title, or comment. The CMS automatically retrieves the appropriate language version from the database, based on the language selected by your visitor.

During almost 2 years of blogging, we had just a few minor issues with Qtranslate, so its overall functionality and stability appear solid. Its developer regularly releases new versions to maintain compatibility with the current WordPress release and introduce improvements. For instance, the latest version fixes some of the issues we had with the previous version such as incorrect encoding of Russian tags added to a post. Please note though that installing this plugin might require a few minor adjustments to other plugins that also retrieve multilingual information from the database. For example, to make sure your post titles in the Related Posts section appear in one language only, you might need to adjust the respective plugin accordingly, because, by default, the titles will simultaneously appear in all languages, regardless of the selected language version.


We’ve also updated Akismet plugin designed to filter out spam comments, which lately caused us many troubles in terms of blog management. Previously, the spam comments would display in the Recent Comments section, despite the fact that they hadn’t been approved yet. We even had to remove this section as a temporary workaround and deleted a few valid comments accidentally. With the new and more advanced version of Akismet, we will be able to use the Recent Comments again. The new Akismet filter lets through just a few spam comments daily and makes spam review process very simple. Now that this process is streamlined, it is possible to moderate and publish comments faster and more carefully, without the risk of accidentally deleting any valid comments.

English RSS Feed

Finally, we’ve also fixed the RSS feed that delivers the English version of the blog. At some point in the past, it broke down and started to erroneously feed Russian posts instead of their English counterparts. As we use for this purpose, changing the feed settings required accessing our account at this site. Unfortunately, all account data were unavailable due to a common problem: the original web-designer of this blog was not managing it afterwards, so the data were considered unnecessary and were eventually lost. Luckily, after all, we recovered the data successfully by guessing them. Upon the first access to the account, the issue was resolved automatically. The English feed is now functional and also delivers announcements of new blog posts to our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

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