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Higher Translation Price Benefits

Normally, we make every effort to use our standard minimum rate for each translation job. However, various reasons may exist that could lead to increasing this price. They are usually associated with the individual job specifics such as difficult subject matter, additional pre- or post-translation formatting, illegible source text, specific format, or short deadline. This surcharge directly compensates the additional time spent on work associated with the above reasons. Yet, in addition to this, we put in extra effort in order to deliver the highest quality translation, because we believe that the increased price always goes together with additional responsibility:

  1. We invest more time in understanding the source text and apply this knowledge to translate it more accurately. We also take more time to research the subject matter in the target language, which helps find and use common terminology or style.
  2. Every job associated with an increased price involves a second linguist who double-checks the translation. This is irrespective of whether or not the customer orders independent review. The additional review has a positive impact on quality, as an old saying “Two heads are better than one” fully applies to our workflow. Looking at the translation with a fresh eye, the second linguist is likely to spot issues that the original translator can no longer notice, because they are too “used” to their translation.
  3. Where possible and/or necessary, we work with the subject matter experts such as a medical doctor or auto mechanic to resolve any queries.

For example, we have recently translated a veterinary vaccine website from English into Russian. Since the website content was marketing-related, meaning more language challenges for our translator, the price was increased. Thanks to this increase, the translator was able to spend more time on understanding the medical information and searching for common target language terminology, while the second linguist focused on ensuring that the translation was accurate and eliminating any style issues. Specifically, the surcharge meant that we could put more effort in the time-consuming phrases such as the website slogan and find a close, yet not literal translation. This work resulted in a very positive feedback after the customer reviewed our translation.

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