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How Internet Improved Movie Translations into Russian

The Internet is changing how people communicate, do business, and are entertained for the better. One such innovation is dramatical improvement of translation quality for the movies.

In the pre-Internet era, a translator could only translate a movie by actually watching it and listening to what the characters were saying. The accuracy of those translation was average at best.

Today, rather than watch a movie and spend hours on deciphering the oral speech, a translator works with an easy-to-use film script. The Internet is a great source of such scripts, enabling you to find a script for virtually any movie ever filmed. Not only does a script help a translator save time and energy, but it also makes it easier to produce a higher quality translation. Perhaps, this is the number one reason why Russian translations of movies show a marked improvement as compared to what we had just 20 years ago.

However, as the amount of content on the Internet grows exponentially, it can also be a source of misleading information for translators and other people, for that matter. What are some other ways that the Internet is enhancing your life? Or, perhaps, making it more difficult?

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Roman Mironov
Roman Mironov
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