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Let’s Make This Translation Blog a Useful Source of Knowledge Together

Today, we are launching Velior’s blog. Our blog is designed to share our insights about translation industry and profession in general. This information will be useful or interesting to our customers or colleagues. Our main topic of interest is English to Russian translation, and our posts will mostly revolve around this language combination, touching on a variety of subtopics such as translation rates, relationships between freelance translators and translation agencies, and tips on buying translation services smartly. Another topic we are also interested in is translator’s productivity—we’ll be writing about tools and best practices that help translators save time and energy while making translators’ work more fulfilling.

But the cornerstone of this blog is of course you, our reader! It is for you that we are running this blog, and we look forward to your feedback via comments, which will hopefully turn our blog into a lively discussion and collaboration platform.

Thanks and see you later,

Velior’s team

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Roman Mironov
Roman Mironov
CEO & Founder

As the founder of Velior, Roman has had the privilege of being able to turn his passion for languages into a business. He has over 15 years of experience in the translation industry. Roman has helped dozens of clients increase sales by making their products appealing for speakers of other languages.