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How to Make OmegaT Like Tags in TMs Produced by Other Tools


OmegaT offers a pretty good level of compatibility with other translation memory programs, in particular SDL Trados and Wordfast Pro. But it’s not 100% yet. One of the challenges in this respect is the differences between the tags produced by OmegaT and other tools. This post offers a few best practices to tackle this challenge […]

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Do You Like Projects with Multiple Files as Much as I Like Them?

Just wanted to say how much I love OmegaT’s concept of handling source files. Unlike most other CAT tools, OmegaT doesn’t convert source files into an intermediary bilingual format like SDLXLIFF in SDL Trados 2011. When I first started using OmegaT, I wasn’t excited about this concept because after years of working with other tools, […]

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Just When You Thought It Didn’t Get Any Better Than This


For some time now, I’ve been reviewing, and explaining the functionality of, OmegaT, the free translation memory program we use on a day-to-day basis, and encouraging both professional and hobby translators to give it a go. Forget it, I found a better option. Just kidding 🙂 In fact, OmegaT has recently converted me into a […]

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Translation Productivity Tool You Should Try Gets Even Better


As has been the case with all recent major updates, OmegaT 2.5.4 released last week introduced a few very important improvements. Let’s take a look at some of them to find out how they can make a difference in your daily work as a translation professional. Automatic Number Replacement Perhaps, the greatest improvement is having […]

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Simple Workaround to Translate TTX Files with OmegaT


As of this writing, the latest version of OmegaT supports SDL Trados TTX file format through Okapi plugin. While this is a great way to handle TTX files within your favorite translation program, it has two limitations. One possible workaround is to use Okapi Rainbow to create a translation kit for OmegaT and then post-process […]

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Windows 8: What’s in It for Me as a Translator


I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64 bit on a PC we are planning to upgrade. I was primarily interested in checking whether the new OS supports OmegaT and offers any additional efficiencies for translators as compared to the current Windows version. Although this is a beta version carrying risks typical of software that is […]

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